The 1920's, at It's Best Essay

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Historians labeled the 1920’s “The Roaring Twenties” because it was a time of fun and prosperity. The 1920’s did have a lot of exciting times and overall the label “The Roaring Twenties” is accurate to describe the experience of most Canadians. The 1920’s were a good time for women, social aspects and the economy of Canada. The 1920’s introduced new ways for women to prosper and have more fun. Women in growing numbers became involved in physical activities and organized sports (Granatstein, 118). They joined athletic clubs, formed sports teams, and took part in school sports. In 1928, women were allowed to compete for the first time in track-and-field events in the Olympics. Since women were able to participate in sporting events, it is clear that the 1920’s were fun. In addition, by the late 1920’s there were a lot more women students going to University, which increased the enrollment of women in a variety of University programs (Granatstein, 119). This helped woman to be capable of taking a wider range of jobs. Having a better education opened up more opportunities for the women population and allowed them to apply for better jobs because they were better educated. When household appliances were introduced in the 20’s, this made the lives of women easier, which gave them more leisure time to drink, smoke and dance instead of staying home all day cleaning (Granatstein, 116). The new invention of household appliances gave the women more free time which gave them the opportunity to have more fun. Clearly the 1920’s were “the roaring twenties” for a large percentage of the Canadian woman population. The 1920’s created more ways for the Economy to prosper. Natural Resources had high demands for Canadian products such as wheat, copper, zinc and iron ore (Granatstein, 110). This increased profits and popularity for the companies because they were prosperous. In addition, main Urban Manufacturing centers began to specialize in particular industries. For example, Hamilton became a center for iron and steel production, and Kitchener expanded in the manufacturing of rubber products and furniture (Granatstein, 110). Urban Manufacturing was prosperous in the 20’s because the quality of materials was better and the amount of profits they were receiving increased a lot. Finally, the label “roaring twenties” does apply to Canadians who worked in the Auto Sector. The total growth of productions increased rapidly during the 20’s (Granatstein, 110). This was prosperous because it created more jobs for people. Throughout the 1920’s there was many ways for the Economy to prosper. The 1920’s were also a great time for Social Aspects. Wages were increased and the amount of hours worked in a day were decreased from 12 hours to 8 hours (Granatstein, 116). More jobs created new industries and allowed