The 1st Amedment Essay

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Christian Martinez
Government 1A
Mrs. Julie
June 29, 2013

I always find laws and Constructional right fascinating. We live today in a country where there are people on streets handing out papers and programs, protesting their beliefs, and questioning the government. In America we can speak our mind and practice any religion we please and can’t get penalized. In other countries it’s united by one religion and some can’t question their government. In our Constitution, the first amendment is by far the most essential in my life.
There are many religions out there; I question them a lot. Where I live there are many churches and missionaries running to ever door trying to get you to join their church. I personally don’t follow ant religions because I don’t belief everything what they say I should belief. The first amendment protects me and allows me to follow any religion. But there are people like me that don’t follow any religion and choose not to, is still protected from the government. Since I don’t follow any religions currently doesn’t mean that I will stay like that forever because I’m still trying to find something to belief in, and I have the freedom to find the religion that I wish to follow. The first amendment also grants freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is used all the time sometime you may not even notice. For example, we are allowed to speak our mind about anything. This also protects us from any consequences if we question the government and how it handles anything. We can also form groups that share the same beliefs and it is legal. The first amendment protects us for speaking our mind and trying to share our beliefs. The first amendment also protects the freedom of press. Freedom of press is the freedom to print anything. For example in the newspapers there is always an opinion and politic section. The opinion section is always random people opinion on politics to local