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The 20 minute Presentation must focus on:

 Target Market
 Positioning
 Marketing mix
 Conclusion/take away information

Target Market

Basing on the segmentation analysis the targeted consumer is a male from the middle to high-incomeclass between 25 and 50 years old. He lives in a city and is often high educated, brand aware, status-minded and sophisticated in his behaviour. All these general characteristics are measurable, accessibleand actionable. Therefore these characteristics are very effective and thus very useful for the marketsegmentation of Heineken. On the other hand, the psychographic characteristics of this consumer are lesseffective due to low measurability, accessibility and actionability. Despite the previous, this does notmean that it is not relevant. In fact, in this specific situation of Heineken premium, it is probably the mostrelevant characteristic of Heineken’s segment. The premium status Heineken wants to sell, has to bemaintained premium by its customers. If Heineken fails to attract the segment it’s aiming for and the premium beer becomes too popular under the lower classes, higher-classes or more educated people haveless incentives to buy the beer. This damages the brand and the marketing strategy of Heineken.


Positioning is not about changing a product, but influences the mind of customers.
‘The basic approach of positioning is not to create something new and different. But to manipulate what’s already up there in the

mind. To retie the connections that already exists.’
(Ries, A. and Trout, J., Positioning: the battle of yourmind, 2000)Heineken wants to position itself in the mind of the consumers as a high-quality, innovative and enjoyable beer and portrays its drinkers as young, sophisticated, confident, successful and fun men who want todrink beer in a luxurious way. Heineken beer is also about ‘a drink for friends, coming together andenjoying good times’.
The positioning statement of Heineken is as follows:" For successful, middle classmen, Heineken is the beer that offers an enjoyable good-time
9 The international commercials ofHeineken represent this positioning statement. The commercials include most of the time a group well-dressed young men, a luxurious setting and a fun scenario.

The factors within Heinekencommercials are
: internationalisation, premium quality, enjoyed together and entertainer( They are going to be discussed later in this report. Moreover, with slogans such as‘’Heineken, serving the planet’’ or ‘’open your world’’ they imply to be more than just a high quality beer brand. Through these slogans and commercials they create a feeling and a connection with the brand.Heineken also uses sponsorship as a way of positioning. By sponsoring the Champions League atournament of high-quality football, which people, especially men, enjoy with friends. This is linked tothe premium beer of Heineken.They want to manipulate your mind in such a way that you do not perceive Heineken as just ‘’a nicetasting beer’’, but as an experience, a way of living, meant for people who want to have a premiumisationof their life. Their way of emotional positioning is a very strong aspect in Heinekens success up till now.

Marketing Mix

Product strategies
Heineken presents itself as a global brand and offers premium beer as a global product (Doole and Lowe,2008). It is the world’s best-selling premium lager beer, which matches with the global slogan: ‘servingthe planet’.
In contrast to the Heineken premium beer, the company Heineken has other brands in its portfolio, which only serve a country or region and are thus more locally adapted. For Heineken it hascentral guidelines and standards regarding the brand style, brand value and brand development.
The product strategy for Heineken premium beer is thus a standardization strategy to leverage the globalimage of the product. The international status of Heineken is an extra impulse for the