The 2000 Summer Olympic Games Essay

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The XXVII Summer Olympic Games were a planned, mega international sports event that were held in Sydney, Australia in the year 2000. The event takes places every fourth year, with a new host city chosen years in advance, the last one was held in London in 2012. The Olympics are known for its peak-level competition and is recognised as the world’s greatest stage in most of the 42 different sports that are contested by over 200 rival countries.

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“This event was organised by the Sydney Olympics 2000 Bid Ltd (SOBL) in conjunction with the Australian Government and the International Olympic Committee” (Kearins, K & Pavlovich, K 2002). Public stakeholders (e.g., residents, local business owners, and tourists) are some of the numerous stakeholders involved with the Olympic Games. Other stakeholders include the federal and state governments, sport and tourism organizations, volunteer organizations, and the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games; in this case SOBL. It is the “largest and most complex sporting event to host and manage. Such an endeavor is linked with significant public expenditure, the building of facilities and infrastructure, urban rejuvenation, and revival objectives, which can have favorable or unfavorable lasting consequences for public stakeholders” (Kaplanidou, K and Karadakis, K 2010).

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The aim of the games was to give Sydney and Australia a collective identity, economic development, multiculturalism and reconciliation with the indigenous people, and of course the most successful games to date; which it nailed according various media reports across the globe. Mark Lander from the New York Times stated: "The last two weeks have been a marvelous showcase for Australia's accomplishments in engineering and technology. Whether it is the soaring Olympic stadium, the efficient railroad system or the modern wireless telephone network, Australia is a force to be reckoned with." And Jack Todd from the Montreal Gazette suggested that: "Sydney was both exceptional and the best. Perhaps the IOC should quit while it's ahead and admit there can never be a better Olympic Games, and be done with it." (Cool Running Australia, 2000)

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As stated before this is a “Mega Event,” which is extremely large in terms of attendance, media coverage, public finance, needed facilities and construction and also immediate economic impact. Mega events such as the Olympics require willing host cities to bid on the chance of hosting the games as one-time event for that particular location. “Host cities should not treat them as merely a typical mega-event, since they possess a number of distinctive characteristics … and are also organised within a strict institutional framework set by the International Olympic