Essay on The ABCD Rule: Diagnosing Skin Cancer

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Explain the ABCD rule .
The ABCD rule are the rules to be used to diagnose early cancerous formation on the epidermis. a mole can be considered if any of the ABCD moles can be found
"A" stands for asymmetry when two sides of the pigmented spot or mole do not match
"B" border irregularity , the borders of the lesion are not smooth but exhibit indentations
"C" color the pigmented spot contains areas of different colors(black,brown,tans and sometimes blues and reds )
"D"; diameter. The spot is larger than 6 millimeters in diameters.
-Define and Explain the function of the erector Pilli. The erector Pilli are small bands of smooth muscles cells that connect each side of the hair follicle to the dermal tissue. When the erector Pilli contracts as a cause of fright or cold the hair is pulled upright, dimping the skin surface with goose bumps.
71) Melonocytes are cell which form melanin and there are located in the epidermis of the skin, while keratinocytes are cell which produce keratin which is found in the in the palm and sole of the feet.
72) Anatomy is the study of the structure of the body and it's parts while physiology is the study of how the body and its parts function .
73) Atoms are the smallest building block of matter which form to make a molecules , molecules associate to form microscopic cell , a group of similar cells form a tissue and a group of tissues form an organ and a group of organs working together to achieve a common goal form an…