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The Abyss in Society The bad and the good in today’s world at times seem unfair, and it separates people. There is so much extra frightening stuff that forms an abyss to individuals’ paths to success. However, through life’s ups and downs most people find ways to get through the bad and celebrate the good. Believing firmly in the good of people and realizing all people make mistakes allows all individuals to be more similar than different. The characters in the movie Grand Canyon deal with the struggles society and freedom of choice demands. The struggle between bad and good, the search for the meaning of life or a higher power, and temptations in everyday life are issues for all people regardless of race or color. Grand Canyon is set in the 1990s where problems between blacks and whites are rampant in the Los Angeles area. The director, Lawrence Kasdan, chose to use the colors black and white to signify bad and good. In the opening black and white scene, black males are seen playing basketball suggesting that blacks are bad. Mack, a white male, drives around in a gang-infested neighborhood in a black car while the black gang members are in a white car. This ironic situation refers to the fact that Mack is not as good as he seems and that the gang members have some good in them. When Mack has car trouble in this neighborhood, Simon, a black male tow truck driver, talks the gang out of injuring Mack and saves his life. The problems of racism are perfectly described in a quote by Simon when he says, “Man, the world ain’t supposed to work like this.” The color white symbolizes the good in people, and Claire, Mack’s wife, personifies good and is seen dressed in white in the movie. In Grand Canyon black, white, bad and good are not easily identified or defined. The characters in this movie search for the meaning of life and Kasdan provides symbols that allude to Bible stories. An ever-present helicopter symbolizes a higher power looking down on society. The spotlight of the helicopter beams down on Los Angeles suggesting someone or something is in control and looking out for and enlightening the people. Additionally, Claire on a morning jog hears a baby crying. She finds a baby wrapped in white and this alludes to Mary having baby Jesus. This baby, representing Jesus, has light or whiteness follow wherever she goes. The hospital where Claire and Mack take her is all white signifying goodness. In addition, Claire has a heavenly dream in which the baby is a savior to her while her husband and son leave on a train. Another Biblical reference is in Simon’s name. Simon saved Mack and Simon Peter, Jesus’ disciple, is known as the founder of the Christian Church. In Grand Canyon the characters search for a higher power and there are many allusions to Christianity. Everyone has temptations and dangers around them, and in the movie the color red signifies these problems. When Simon comes to Mack’s rescue he is wearing a red shirt, which alerts the viewers to the dangers involved with gangs and racial tension. Otis, Simon’s nephew, is a teenager who is involved in a gang. In one scene in Grand Canyon Otis is wearing a red shirt and drinking a red can of Coke symbolizing the danger he brings to his family and