The Achievement Of Desire Analysis

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For one to be incorporated to belong to someone or a group, there must be a link, only by first having a separation can there be a jointed unity. The essay, “The Achievement of Desire.”, Richard Rodriguez explains how being an American with Mexico born parents with Spanish being his first language relates to being a “Scholarship Boy”. Starting from his early years of schooling he becomes alienated from his Spanish speaking informally educated parents, considered a minority and becoming a fluent English speaking/writing student unites him with the world outside his home. Another means of fulfilling a desire to be accepted by the elite is portrayed by the character named Paul Poitier in the 1993 film, “Six Degrees of Separation”, written by John Guare. Paul, a talented uneducated young man is eager to belong to and be accepted by a higher class that he was not privileged be born into, he meets a young man, Trent who coaches Paul on proper etiquette, enunciation, and uses memory tactics to study and learn to appear educated. Trent had attended high school with some upper class children, he schooled Paul all about the parents and families, including a rich couple, Ouisa and Flan …show more content…
Since everything centres upon the living-room, there is unlikely to be a room of his own; the bedrooms are cold and inhospitable, and to warm them or the front room, if there is one, would not only be expensive, but would require an imaginative leap—out of the tradition—which most families are not capable of making. There is a corner of the living-room table. On the other side Mother is ironing, the wireless is on, someone is singing a snatch of song or Father says intermittently whatever comes into his head. The boy has to cut himself off mentally, so as to do his homework, as well as he