Essay on The Adoration of Jenna Fox- Summaries

Words: 1999
Pages: 8

The The Adoration of Jenna Fox
By: Mary E. Pearson
Pages 1-50 Jenna Fox has just woken up from a coma after an accident she wasn’t supposed to survive and doesn’t remember a thing about her life. She is slowly starting to adjust to her new surroundings and learning small things she knows she should already know how to do. Her mother suggests that she what the discs her parents had been making since she was a baby. Jenna watches the disk and is vaguely reminded somewhat of her childhood. When Jenna explores her house she lives in she is curious as to why it is so empty and unlived in. One day when her mother goes to town and her grandmother, Lily goes to her greenhouse to avoid contact with her, Jenna sneaks out the front door and goes
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At school, Jenna is more unsocial than ever before. She is still trying to figure out what she is and what she needs to do next. Pages 151-200 Lily talks to Jenna about things she feels Jenna should know. She informs Jenna that before the accident she didn’t go to her room when Claire told her to; now she naturally goes without hesitation. Jenna is upset about the information but wants to prove it for herself. She waits until her father and mother chat on the Netbook and puts on a flipping plates show for them. When Claire furiously tells Jenna to go to her room, Jenna resists the urge. Her father and mother explain that they uploaded things into her when they were working on her scans. They were afraid she’d be so behind in school they uploaded the 10th through 12th grade curriculum. Jenna meets Ethan at the mission where he shares his dark secret that has burdened him. She trusts him enough to share the information she has just received. He doesn’t leave her but instead assures her she is going to get through it but warns her not to tell Allys because of her ethical standards. For a bacteria lesson, the group goes to a river scene. During her lesson, she starts talking about the FSEB which sparks something in Jenna. They get into a heated discussion that doesn’t end the best way. When Jenna visits Mr. Bender, she learns that someone broke into his garage but took nothing. She feels like she remembers