the adroations of jenna fox Essay

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Madison Nichols

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Jenna Fox is unlike any other teenage girl. She looks, acts, and talks like one, but she’s extra ordinary. She’s been in a yearlong coma and her body is not one hundred percent her own. She has forgotten most of her life; she chooses to learn more about herself and what happened to her. She hears voices in her head help her to remember her past. The voices she listens to are her own and her friends who passed away in “the accident,” Kara and Locke, as well as Lily, her grandmother, and Ethan a boy at school.

Jenna hears voices that belong to her and her friends. These voices help to motivate and help her remember the past. She hears Kara and Locke’s voices. They help trigger her memory of the “accident’’. But they also her voice tells her to do things that might get her in trouble and hurt. “Hurry, Jenna come.’’ Those voices influence her a lot throughout the book triggering her memory

Lily tells Jenna things about her old life that motivates her to learn more. She tells Jenna that she should know about what’s going on in the closet. They both together plan how she will delete the files about Kara ands Locke. When Jenna goes off on her parents, lily gives Jenna a glass of wine. “ Pour up lily” I say lifting my glass. “Here we go,’’ Have you lost your mind; its not like she can get drunk.’’ By lily motivating her. Jenna was able to delete Kara And Locke’s files.

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