The Advantages Of Having Children At A Young Age

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The disadvantages of having children at a young age It's 6:00am; Time to wake up my children, get breakfest started and get everyone dressed for school. Once I get their plates on the table I have about thirty minutes to get myself ready for school and finish any homework that I could not finish the night before. As I pull into the daycare parking lot, I see that, as usual there are no parking spots available and park on the side of the road. I could not afford the best daycare with a great parking system or even coded doors. I get them into their classes, Then I have ten minutes to talk to the principle about extending my payment to a couple days later. I then spend the rest of my day attending my classes, I get out of my last class at 5:35pm and have to be at daycare by 6:00pm to pick up my children, then head home. My nights consists of bathing, feeding, and putting my children to bed. I then have some time to get homework done, shower and off to bed I go. Most nights I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like to spend with my children. There are many disadvantages of having children at a young age, such as finacial challanges, restrictions, and not always being able to give them the best. After having children it became fiancially challenging as a young adult.The daily spending is no longer dinner, movies, electronics and things I enjoy. It becomes diapers, wipes, formula, and school supplies. I am no longer buying things for myself but saving to buy things a child would need including, furniture and clothes. I have recently put my children into daycare, even at the lowest rates it can be expensive. They attend daycare three days a week which would be part-time. Part-time daycare is costing me three hundred dollars a week, which would be more than most morgages. As a young adult I have not yet established a sturdy income making is too difficult to buy a house, instead I am living in an apartment. The ideal place to have children would be one with a backyard and plenty of space inside for them to be creative and playful, not a complex with parking lots full of moving vehicles and a foot of grass. I can remember when spending time with friends happened daily or taking time to myself to relax and be alone for a day happened weekly. Now when my friends give me a call to go out for the day or night, I have to make plans for my children, if possible, and getting a day to myself rarely happens. Now I try to keep in touch with friends through my lunch break at work. Any spare time that I get now I put into work. Having my children, now means I