Essay on the adventure into the unknown land

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By: Christopher Ramirez Chapter 1 My name is Mary Jane and I am from Missouri, I am also 15 years old and live with my mom Michelle Jane and my dad Michael Jane. I also have three brothers and two sisters. We are a middle class family and live in a good sized house. One day our neighbor jack comes knocking at our door. “How’s it going jack.” mom said.
“I am doing fine Mrs. Jones. Have you heard about all the people that are moving out west for hidden treasures?”
“No, but I’m not surprised people are doing so, the economy isn’t doing so well at the moment and this area is starting to get over populated.” Dad then came barging in through the door being as nosey as ever. “Wait, are you guys talking about treasure and gold?”
“Yes we are what about it.”
“I will do anything for gold and treasure.”
“Well we can’t go west we have children to take care of.”
“That shouldn’t be a problem. Jack said. I can gather up a group of people and we can still be able to go west. I can get a cook and everything.”
“You see honey, problem solved.”
“Ok fine, we’ll head west.”

Chapter 2 As days past we were getting ready to head west. We were packing up, taking clothes, several gallons of water, shoes, tooth brushes with paste, and other important materials like blankets. It was such a hassle trying to help my brothers and sisters pick up especially since they are hyper kids. The next day jack comes by and says that everyone is ready and that we should get going soon. Ok I replied. I then went and told the whole family that we should start going. When we went outside there was a group of people that I had seen around the town before. “Are we all going to go west Jack?” I asked.
“Yes, we are, it’s pretty big group isn’t it?”
“Yes it is, and there are a lot of familiar faces around here that are coming.”
“We have John Nitpicky who is one of the best cooks in the town; we also have Albert Adams who is the best doctor in town.
“Well I guess that explains it.” When I was looking around I noticed that there was six prairie schooners that we would be using as transportation and where we would be holding our luggage. Each schooner had oxen that would be moving it.

Dad then started to get our entire luggage and put it all inside of one of the schooners when everyone was ready putting in their luggage my mom, siblings and I hopped in the schooner while dad was walking and taking it like a champ.

Chapter 3 Before I knew it, going west wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Hopefully when we get to our destination it’ll be worth the trouble. The only thing I can do for fun is run around, when I am not in the schooner, and kick or throw rocks when I am walking. I also have my younger brothers and sisters whining a lot more than me which is really annoying. Later on that day we all stopped near the river to go fish so that we can eat them for dinner, some people used fishing rods while other people went and used spears. Then John Nitpicky the cook would then cook the fish in a fire and add some seasoning to it so it taste better. Every once in a while if we would find an animal when we are moving we would stop and kill it so that we can eat it later on. We didn’t really have a desert but if you wanted to eat one all you can have is a mud-cake and you would have to make that on your own. Every night momma would tell us stories about the American Revolution that her parents told her when she was young. One month later the weather was starting to get really cold. Many people slept outside on the ground and few slept in the schooners. For several nights it was raining when people were trying to sleep and it was really cold, so many people got pneumonia and one by one people started to die, Albert Adams the doctor was of no use in the situation and he got pneumonia himself. People’s feet were swollen and bleeding from…