The Adventures of Cindy Essay

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5. Why did the freedom rides lead to violence?
The freedom rides lead to violence because the freedom riders challenged the power of local government by forcing them to enforce laws deemed illegal by the Supreme Court. This was a huge issue because the freedom riders were pushing to get there point across with protesting activists who rode buses through southern states to test their compliance with the ban on segregation on interstate buses. For this reason are the people creating an uproar to the freedom rides.
6. What events led to passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
The events that led to passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is armed forces integration was the forerunner, but the main force didn't pick up until brown v board of education in 1954. The montgomery bus boycott followed this in 1955 after rosa parks refused to get up from her seat to let a white folk sit down. King was appointed president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and achieved buss integration in montgomery. In 1956, Fred Shuttlesworth began the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights in birmingham, alabama, organising his own boycott of the downtown busses (but he was not as successful as King was). In 1960 the sit-ins became popular in the carolinas and spread quickly across the south. in 1961 the freedom rides started; they also swept across the South. In 1962 King went to Albany, Georgia to tackle segregation there, but was defeated by the white forces there.…