The Adventures Of Dean Myrin

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The Adventures of Dean Myrin Dean Myrin, just another boring Norse architecture teacher whom until recently was the most boring teacher at Ragnorak High School. He was an ordinary six-and-a-half-foot-tall four hundred and fifty pounds of muscled ex-Marine, until one day while he was inspecting an Old Norse excavation site below the Arctic Ocean. This particular site was said to be the gateway to Helhiem, the Norse realm of the dead. The place had an eerie look as you view it through the lens of the undersea camera. Tall, vaulted doorways, massive iron chains keeping the gigantic drawbridge from opening as eight giant statues of Norse warriors held the chains in place as their swords were through the chain links. These giant statues were also along a large, wide stone pathway heading towards the forbidding gates. Now as one might imagine the freezing temperature of the arctic winds howling at the very seams of the heated trailer the team of architects had brought with them for this expedition. Even the blinding blizzards were starting to get on the nerves of the team, it was also aggravating that the team was freezing their back-sides to the cloth-covered swivel chairs, meanwhile their sponsors were sitting in their well-heated penthouses drinking hot chocolate with their families. Then one day while Dean was stretching his legs outside of the cramped, close-quarters of the trailer even though it was a double-wide RV, when he was about fifty yards away from the trailer he fell through a patch of thin ice and was sent spiraling down a tunnel. Though the tunnel was rough he accelerated fairly quickly, then he saw that the tunnel ended abruptly into a solid wall about three hundred feet ahead of him and upon seeing this he immediately slammed his pick-axe into the ice, for an icepick was too small for his massive hand, and he finally stopped slid to a stop ten feet from the wall. This upon a closer look revealed that there were ancient mystic runes that he could not decipher because they were moving around too fast. Then suddenly the wall melted away and he was sucked into a chamber by the change of pressurization and he was knocked unconscious by the sudden acceleration. When he awoke he found himself surrounded by strange, odd, creatures. They had wings and arms and…