Essay The Adventures of Frankinstin

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March 28, 2013
Professor Nichols
Core 2 Write Up The Birth of Frankenstein
It’s not every core lecture that one can’t help but pay full attention. Today was one of those for me. Todays lecture gave a full summary of the book. The thing is the summary was given in such a well- mannered lecture I just couldn’t help but listen to everything that was said. Some major points in the lecture that I learned is that not only was the novel Frankenstein created, but Dracula also was so called “born” on the same night. So in this paper I'm going to cover some of the interesting things I learned in the lecture as well as a new interesting fact that I found. First, I'm going to talk about the interesting fact that I found about Mary Shelley, and that is many people first mistakenly believed that it was her husband who wrote the novel of Frankenstein (yahoo). At first this information kind of came off as really unbelievable to me like how could someone that wrote such a famous piece be wrongfully perceived and people think that her husband wrote it. Then I thought it probably wasn’t that hard to have a mix up due to the fact that after all it was close to 300 years ago. Anyway now to talk about the whole breakdown of Professor Nichols lecture. The message that I got from the lecture that struck me as unusual or interesting is that Frankenstein is so comparable to other works of literature. Also one last fact is that Mary Shelley was only 19 years old when she wrote this novel,