The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
At the start of the first chapter the narrator, who is Huckleberry himself, says that he and Tom Sawyer found the stash of gold that some robbers had hidden in a cave. They received $6000 each and the judge puts it into a trust which earns them a dollar a day from interest. Huck is adopted the Widow Douglas who tries to civilise Huck. Huck tried to run away but then returned because Tom Sawyer said he could join a gang of robbers if he went back and was respectable. The Widow has no success trying to reform Huck. Then one night after praying with Miss Watson Huck goes to bed and hears a meow outside his window which he responds to with a meow. He climbs out of the window to find Tow Sawyer waiting in the yard.
Then at the start of chapter two Huck and Tom tiptoe though the garden but Huck is heard by a slave called Jim. They hide and Jim waits around for a few minutes before falling asleep. They then leave and meet up with some other boys and take a boat to a large cave. Tom name s the gang “Tom Sawyers Gang” and all of the members must sign their name in blood. They vow that anyone who gives away the gang’s secrets has a family member killed. Huck is nearly kicked out of the group because he has no family but he then offers up Miss Watson.
Great Expectations
When he was younger Phillip Pirrip was not able to pronounce either of his names. The best that he could manage was Pip, and the name stuck. Pip is a young orphan kid who lives