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Has the internet and video games made our society lazier and more depend on them ?
Technology has made life easier but has its necessary made it better. As technology advance human are becoming lazier and become more dependent on it to do easier every day task. If you look at it technology as a whole can be summed up as something that helps humans be lazy. The definition of a machine is any object that reduces the amount of human effort needed to complete a task, and the definition of laziness is averse or disinclined to work. The increase in dependents on technology and the increase of laziness go hand in hand. The more technology advance the more we become lazier . However the internet has also made life convenient .This technology has made it easier for humans do work and to live.
The internet and video game have made our society more depend on technology and lazier. Now of days people have become more depend on technology and can’t do anything without it. Technology has made so that we don’t even need to do anything to finish a task. Technology has made it so that we don’t even need to leave our home to live our life anymore . We can have Conversation from the comforts of your home thank to the internet . This makes it so people do have to meet face to face any more make more people anti social. Video game had also made it so that kid can have just as much fun at home then the park with friends. These technologies have made our society lazier.
The internet has given people a bigger reason to be lazy. In the article from Associated Content they say “from online banking to internet shipping to paying your bills online, why do you need to leave the house, never less walk to the mail box to mail something. Everything you need is right there! You don’t even have to get dressed” . This shows how the internet has made it so that people don’t have to leave their house to do anything. This also shows people do even have to get ready like take a shower, and get dress to do a thing anymore .It has made it so that they can do anything they need to do from the comfort of their homes. This makes people lazier because why would people want to go out to do anything when they can do it from their home. This might have made life for people more convenience but it has made people…