The Adventures of Javarius Essay

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The adventure of Javarius is very interesting. In fact, his whole life is interesting from his birth onwards. Let's start with a little bit of history. Javarius was the son of the God Apollo and Sirea. Jonathan, Javarius' wealthy grandfather once asked a psychic if he would ever have any kids. The answer he got was shocking and lead him to live a life of paranoia. He was told by the psychic that his daughter would have a son that would eventually kill him. Jonathan being driven by the force of fear made a quick decision, a quick decision that would impact another forever. He had his daughter Sirea sent away and locked in a tower.

But mighty Apollo was watching. He had an eye for beauty, and a way with women few dared to compete with. Apollo transformed himself into a majestic wind and entered the tower were Sirea was. They then formed union, and Sirea gave birth to a baby boy, of which she managed to keep secret for some time.
Sooner than later, her angry father Jonathan found out about the baby. He ordered Sirea's nurse to be prosecuted, as he believed that she orchestrated this affair. He thought about adopting his grandson himself, but his fear would not allow him to. He walked back and forth with his head struck down from his shoulders desperately seeking a solution that wouldn't pose any danger to his life. By early morning, Jonathan made up his mind. He had a wooden pent house built for his daughter and his grandson. He immediately gave the order for the two to be boarded up on a ship and sent off to a private island. Finally, his worries were gone. Or so he thought.
Days and nights passed with everything slowly dying, but hope which dies last (Greek saying). Finally, the cruise ship washed up on the island of Leros. There, a knight named Aaron, who was the brother of Blake, the island's tyrant, greeted the ship. He kindly took young Javarius and his mother and to their new home. During this time, Javarius grew into a strong and brave man blessed with many gifts undoubtedly as a result from a God's grace.
Things got a little confusing when the chairman, Chris fell in love with Javarius' mother, Sirea. Javarius kept his mother under guard at all times, so the chairman couldn't get to see her alone. Then, Chris invited some friends for dinner, and asked them all what gift they would give him if he was ever to ask for one. The most interesting answer came from Javarius which answered that if it was necessary, he would bring the chairman the head of the Calis, the Caelestis Lupus. The chairman took on the challenge, and asked Javarius to bring him the head of the Calis, otherwise, he would take his mother Sirea by force. Javarius had to bring the Calis's head, which wasn't an easy task. The Calis was a vicious being. He had brazen claws, golden eyes, a boar's strength and silver needles coming out of him instead of hair. A look in his eyes would make anyone paralyzed from the neck down.
So Javarius started on his journey, going over land and sea. His heart was high and joyful

And seven days he walked, on a path which few can tell. For those who have trodden it like least to speak of it, and those who go there again in dreams are glad enough when they awake; till he came to the edge of the everlasting night, where the air was full of feathers, and the soil was hard with ice; and there at last he found the Fates, by the shore of the freezing sea, nodding upon a white log of drift-wood, beneath the cold white winter moon; and they chaunted a low song together, 'Why the old times were better than the new.''

There was no living thing around them, not a fly, not a moss upon the rocks. Neither seal nor sea-gull dare come near, lest the ice should clutch them in its claws. The surge broke up in foam, but it fell again in flakes of snow; and it frosted the hair of the three gray sisters, and the bones in the ice-cliff above their heads. They passed the eye from one to the other, but for all that they could not see; and they