Essay on The Affordable Care Act

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To what extent should the Affordable Care Act “Obama Care”, be the responsibility of the Federal government, and not the burden of the state under the guidelines of Federalism?
In the past years down to 2008 we the people have heard conflicting arguments about the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obama Care”. Obama Care is a health insurance plan ran by the federal government. A health insurance plan in which everyone in the United States is eligible to have weather you are rich, middle class, and even the starving, hurting, suffering poor people that don’t have enough money to even keep the clothes on their back. Health insurance is when you pay an insurance company a certain amount of money per month and if you were to ever get sick
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The people of the United States did not get to vote for or against this act. You know what is wrong without federal government to is, the federal government doesn’t let the states vote for their own important health care but in Colorado the mesa county got to vote whether they should allow medical marijuana to be legal even though it is illegal any place you go. This paper is not discussing the medical marijuana but it is a good piece explaining why the government should not have the power and responsibility of the act of Obama Care. This is a perfect example as a matter of fact because the government has a law discuss the illegal marijuana. The government let the mesa county run right over them. “Doctors may not proscribe this marijuana under the federal law.”(Fed. Marijuana law) This is a good showing of the government doing their job but then we read it now and you see the government is being stepped on and they not doing anything about the people that are proscribing this and that are not allowed to. There are even licenses you can get that give you promotion to proscribe it people. You can get this license even if you don’t have doctoring degree in college. The doctors can only recommend this marijuana to the order of the government but the docs are not allowed to proscribe it, how stupid. The government does not know how to take control and responsibility over any matter