The Affordable Healthcare Act

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Although the Affordable Healthcare Act is helping people that used to not be able to afford healthcare, the majority of our country disagrees with this because it is putting the middle class in more debt than we are already in for helping the lower class pay for their “affordable” health insurance. First off, the middle class is getting their taxes raised to help pay for the lower classes health insurance. The majority of people in the United States do not agree with this healthcare act whether they are democrat or republican. One of the reasons for its unpopularity is because this healthcare act is hitting the middle class the hardest. Upperclassmen can afford about any insurance, while the middle class is taking the money out of their own pocket to pay for the less fortunate’s healthcare plan. In this way, the middle class is being taken advantage of. I believe this is against consent of the governed, because the majority of the country is middle class and it is unfair because some the middle class may not even be able to afford their own health care. Some of these people who can’t afford the healthcare, the government is giving them money to help pay for it. This isn’t fair to the middle class who have to practically pay for someone elses health care, which causes their taxes to be raised. I don’t believe that everyone needs to use this plan, if so they should get a better paying job, causing the government to not have to raise our taxes for others. If these people who are paying higher taxes for someone elses’ insurance, they should be getting money too, to pay for it. Some people who work at factories, they may be insured by a company, but the company is getting fined for offering them that insurance. After so many years, that factory may drop the insurance, and they may not be insured


any more. This causes them to have to go to the new healthcare act.