The African-American Civil Rights Essay

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There are many significant individuals, groups, and institutions involved in the struggle for rights for African­Americans. Slaves were freed and emancipation was acheived during the war. To put it out there, everybody knows that with Slavery, comes resistance. For example, slaves might fake that they can not work as hard as they really can, there may be acts of sabotage, the slaves might break their tools so then they have to wait for the tool to be either fixed or replaced. Religion played an important part in the foundation of African American Culture. Sermons would speak of eventual deliverance from slavery. Also, there were what is known as Slave
Insurrections, not to mention, slave folktales took place that love using deceit against their masters. Many times, by the way, African­Americans would be involved in helping fugitive slaves escape, with the underground railroad. With that, it leads us to a significant person by the name of Harriet Tubman, nickname
Moses, who led multiple slaves to freedom, which risked her own life just so she could save those that were being oppressed. Gabriel Prosser is another man, who was aloud to come in contact with other slaves and free men and poor working whites. Eventually, they planned a slavery bound, which was postponed due to bad weather on the planned day. During the wait, some of the slaves cracked under pressure and told them of the uprising, which failed because then they were caught before they even actually started it.
Gabriel Prosser was eventually sentenced to death. Nat Turner, being a free prosperous African American, was also willing to give his own life in the struggle for freedom of others, kind of like Harriet
Tubman. Nat Turner was religious and said he received visions