The Air Force Essay

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The Air Force is operates in a complex, unpredictable environment. In order to operate affectively a shared vision was created to maximize effectiveness. This vision is the mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win … in air, space and cyberspace. To achieve that mission, the Air Force has a vision of Global Vigilance, Reach and Power ("United States Air Force", 2014) and to achieve this all of its members need to be aware of the direction leadership is heading and leadership needs to be aware of the issues that members who follow them consider important. To achieve this quality communication is key to reaching the vision of the Air Force.
Military Mission The United States Air Force exists to deter threats of organized violence against the United States and its interests, and to defeat such threats should deterrence fail (Hawkins, 2012).
Critical Role of Communication The responsibility of effective communication resides on senior leadership. Leaders within organizations must ensure that they are taking an active role when relaying/presenting information to the members that work for them.
Communication Challenges There are a number of challenges that exist mainly because of the nature of communication. Three of the most common challenges leaders in the Air Force face are the tendency for members to lack guidance; individuals will interpret meaning from a lack communication, and the manner in which individuals deal with conflicting information or information overload. Lack of motivation to seek guidance is one of the largest problems in the Air Force, largely because members are not aware that they are in need of certain information, and take no steps to leave the communication bubble that they reside, many members feel that if it is information that they are intended to know it will be told to them, however this is not always the case. If there is a lack of communication from leadership, members will individuals will conclude that the