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The Alamo
This movie is about a heroic fight that takes place in San Antonio and how a handful of men fought to protect the area against the Mexican attackers. The movie starts with a flash back of what happens during the battle in San Antonio, with all the Texans dead from the fight. It then goes back to one year ago to a general named Sam Houston, who goes to a party and tries to convince people to move to Texas because it is much better there. General Houston then meets with David Crocket and convinces him to join him in his party and offers him a lot of land if he decides to come to Texas. The scene then moves quickly to San Felipe, where there is a meeting with the Texas government. They decide that they want to create a permanent government and create an army that will fight against Santa Anna the Mexican dictator and try to retake the Alamo. General Houston takes advantage of one of his friends who recently lost his wife and has completely lost everything: Jim Bowie. General Houston convinced Bowie to lead an army to the Alamo and destroy it. Although Bowie is in charge of the militia, William Travis is in charge of the regulars and the two men get off to a bad start. Travis had a very shady past and because of it he moved over to Texas to escape from it. In the movie his wife comes to him for a divorce and leaves him. Crocket arrives at the Alamo along with the other officers and joins them in the battle against the Mexicans. However, the Mexican army arrives earlier then expect and the men are forced to fight and fend off the enemy best they can in an extremely open field. Travis sends out a letter to General Houston to gather more men to aid them. This was followed by an extremely bad decision from General Houston who decided to wait for more men instead of helping right away with the men he already had. After a…