The Alchemist Essay

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Santiago is a shepherd boy. He is determined, headstrong and curious to learn all about the world. Santiago his conservative and self satisfied in many ways. He had a great enthusiasm. His enthusiastic character is seen in his eagerness to sell crystals at the crystal shop in Africa. His effort brought great success to the shop in Africa. He is a faithful person. He does not give up on his journey even when it becomes difficult. He is a kind-hearted person. He was very caring to his sheep and very patient with them. His passion and desire for travelling and his persistence is what makes him who he is. The treasure in this story is what is most important to him. His main goal is to find that treasure and live happily ever after with Fatima. As he comes closer to finding the treasure, he becomes more focused and pays attention to the world around him.

Coelho uses the story of Narcissus in the beginning to show the reader that when you are caught up in your own life you do not realize greater things like nature and friends. The Alchemist has a message that states you can connect a person to nature and the spiritual world. Santiago puts his own interest first throughout the whole book. Instead of becoming a priest he becomes a shepherd to fulfill his desire of travelling. Its different when compared to the story of Narcissus in that in the ending though Santiago was after his own dream he realized his potential at the last moment. He realized there was more to this