The Allegory of the Cave by Plato Essay

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I belive the the "plato's allegory of the cave" was a sequals almost to the "apology" when he talks about people being chained to ceritan ideas and fasle images, seems as though he describes how plato saw soicety was chained souls not knowing better and prisoned only by what they think they see and understand. He talks about how if one of these prisoners were realsed and forced to see "the light" after being kept in the dark, which I assume Plato meant the "truth" of it all being kept from the truth. He also mentions a "instructor" leading him to foregin object and poitnting at them and asking him to name them and how confuse the prisoner would be to distinguish the truth from what he thought he always knew to what was now in front of him. I feel as though plato use that analogy to describe how it would feel to be shown different then what someone has known there whole life weather it be god, there surrondig or belifes just general realization of how lost about the truth he was. At the end Plato continues about if the prisoner that was released and came back to the cave to enlightened the current prisoner how they would see him different and stupid because his eyes were different and corrupted, now accustom to the outside world where now he was unable to see the shadows in the cave witch would be the only truth the prisoners have known. This would conclude that the prisoners would find the freed man stupid and erratic due the temporary state of his eyes witch are unable to