Essay The Allure of Cultural Diversity

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The Allure of Cultural Diversity

Culture is seen from many as the characteristics of a certain group of people mostly defined by their language, religion, food, music, art etc.. I see it though as traditions, an environment that creates a safe haven for an individual, connection within a group past a superficial level. Diversity means variety, the differences between one another. When you bring the two together, that is where things really get interesting. It is here where humans become unique, grow and learn. Undoubtedly is it valuable to live in a cultural diverse society because of the benefits it creates. Living in a cultural diverse society helps remove the prejudice's people have; It can lead people to obtain a better understanding of one another, and this a reason why it is beneficial to live in a cultural diverse society. To support this by living in a cultural diverse society you get to learn about the different traditions and rituals of different groups; by learning about these different cultures you start to slowly get rid of the stereotypes you have regarding certain culture. For example the stereotype of thinking Middle Eastern people are terrorist; learning about what they believe in, the Qur'an their morals, can really shed light and change your opinion. You learn this concept of Middle Eastern people being terrorist is absurd. When living in a cultural diverse society one gets to learn about different people's morals and values, and why they have those certain values. Furthermore when living in a culturally diverse society one gets more of a worldly perspective whereas if a person lived in a society that is not culturally diverse a person's perspective becomes narrow from the limited resource. This leads to a person forming prejudices on another group because of their limited knowledge. Finally, when you remove the prejudice, the hate and stereotypes you become more open with one another, which leads to deeper level of connection and understanding.

Cultural diversity helping in creating new bonds with other people is a reason in which cultural diversity is beneficial to our society. In having a vast amount of different cultures, e.g., Latin, Italian, Portuguese etc. it increasingly becomes harder not to fit in with a group and start making friends. Causing a lower risk of depression, loneliness, instead creating feelings of happiness, belonging, family etc.. When looking at culture it does not have to relate to ethnicity, e.g., pop culture, social media culture, texting culture, etc.. This makes it easier to find a culture you belong to if you don't feel tied to a "ethnical culture". When you find this culture you belong to, making friends with the same interests is easier. This benefits our society because great ideas come when like-minded people come together. The appreciation of different aspect of cultures can bring people together as well. Some aspects of admiration are the foods of a culture, arts, dance etc.. Appreciation of different cultures can lead to bringing people together because when a person is genuinely interested in the culture, there will definitely be people willing to help others learn about their culture. This leads to a person meeting new people and making new friends while exploring the culture. An example of this is: if a person appreciates the types of dances from the variety of cultures they will certainly find another person with the same interest, and then another and another all in just admiring and learning about these dances. Eventually these people will build a network of people with the same interest. This is not surprising considering humans are social beings, as was God's intention. Equality is a feature cultural diversity creates in a society, which is a tremendous benefit. Equality is a benefit in our diverse society because it helps us preserve our fundamental human dignity given to us by God. Meaning because we treat each other as equals we are giving