The American Dream Breaks In Reality

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The American Dream Breaks in Reality In earlier generations, the American Dream was something looked at for guidance and hope; it was something to look forward to later in life after a long journey. Now Americans see it as nothing more than a dream that will never come true because, overall, in today’s circumstances, the likelihood of reaching such high goals is nearly impossible. The focus of Americans has changed the way many people see the Dream. Instead of it fixated on eternal happiness and love, in order for Americans to be content today, selfishness, wealth, and success drive them. It is a great challenge to go from having nothing to having it all in a lifetime because the opportunities and motivation Americans used to have has diminished. On top of that, fortune is not easy to acquire with minimal job availability and college debt lingering with many people in today’s society. The American Dream is not attainable for my generation because financial independence and the ability to climb the social ladder are close to impossible to achieve under the circumstances Americans have been facing recently. In my generation, people break the chance to achieve the American dream because of how they approach it. Nowadays, more than anything, peoples own feelings on the American Dream and motivation to take a chance on it prevent them from attaining it in the first place. Political scientist John Kennth White observed that the economy faltering is not the only problem; Americans are losing faith in themselves. In fact, he said, “the American Dream flowered at a time when the economy was at its worst” (Shapiro). People today lack the confidence needed to move forward in life. If they do not take risks and act courageously for what they want, they will not be living to their full potential or fulfilling their life goals. Being confidence in oneself plays a crucial role in order to become successful in the life goals Americans set for themselves. On the other hand, some may think that as long as Americans are content with what they have, they are living the American Dream. Very few people are pleased living their lives unsuccessfully, but they are not willing to be bold and put themselves out there to get what they want. When someone is unsuccessful and poor, it is not an appealing way to live. In addition, Americans are becoming discouraged quickly which results in unrewarding outcomes. Social thinker Jeremy Rifkin makes a point that significantly ties in to why the American Dream is unachievable. Critics not only find us lacking in confidence but also sedentary and too lazy to strive for achievement. My generation is known to spend “much of our time wishing for success but are unwilling to ‘pay our dues’ with the kind of personal commitment required to make something out of our lives” (O’Mara). Without dedication to our studies, Americans will never be able to live the American Dream. The American dream was hard enough to achieve when decent jobs were easier to attain and the economy was flourishing, so in the conditions Americans are in right now, the kind of motivation needed plays a major role in their attainment. People are giving up hope for finding jobs and advancing to the top of their capabilities before they even try because the likelihood for success is slim in this economic struggle. However, some believe that with a little push, people could be more motivated to work for their accomplishments. The amount of time it would take to provoke people is tremendous because of all the discouragement Americans are facing in today’s society. Even if they are inspired enough to try, most will not be happy with their results because the downfall is not just because of the people; A leading force in the struggle to achieve the American dream is the economy. The attitude of American people in my generation is largely responsible for why the American dream is unachievable. Further, becoming financially self-sufficient is