The American Dream Hard Work Essay

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The American Dream is this idea that social rank in the U.S. is fluid and that hard work will provide you with achievement and success. The “American Dream” has become a catch all term used to describe the American way of life. It is also commonly associated with a surplus of money and wealth. The American Dream is most notable in families of the 19th century. Icons of the American Dream being families such as the Rockefellers and Carnegies, people who made millions of dollars. Although the way they made their money is skewed in the American mind as many still believe that they achieved wealth due to hard work, but that's only part of the story as they were able to make so much money thanks to the corruption of their time period. The only mascot …show more content…
If you work hard in a job you may get a raise, but you could also work very hard and still not be very good at the job. Take for example a class in school, you may work extremely hard on the subject and study every day. Although, if you don’t understand what you are doing you will not achieve that A as you hoped. That is just the realities of this world. A good worth ethic is a great thing to have but natural talent will overshadow those who struggle to make average. Another thing that people have to deal with is change, and the ability to cope with change is essential to fulfilling this idea of achievement and the only way to gain wealth. In A Mercy Morrison shows how Florens begins to deal with these changing ideas and struggles in her life. Florens states, “We never shape the world she says. The world shapes us. Sudden and silent the sparrows are gone” (Morrison 71). In order to achieve the American Dream you must be able to let yourself bend with the will of the world. If you do not you will simply snap under the pressure. The American Dream is about more than working hard, it has to do with our attitudes and the way we cope to the people and situations around us to make it work for our needs, rather than to be crushed by the weight of