The American Dream In The 1920's

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Can you think of your ultimate dream and your worst nightmare? Throughout our nation’s past there have been moments and events that were dream-like. There were instances where certain events or issues back fired and resulted in our country facing a nightmare. During the 1920’s, an era of sensational change occurred in America. The economy prospered and it was driven by wartime devastation. This was a time where Americans were living the American dream. The 1920’s were also referred to as “the roaring 1920s” because it was the first time in American history that people could afford to buy whatever they pleased. Americans were learning how to live the life. The 1920s was definitely an instance where people were living the American Dream. On the …show more content…
Looking at the influential individuals, exciting events and even the fascinating lifestyle of the 1920s we were able to realize how good life was back then. There were many factors that led to the 1920s becoming a thriving time period that included: Al Capone, Speakeasies, alcohol, cars, fashion and much more. When discussing this specific time period we read an article by Edward Behr called “Profile of a Bootlegger”. This article became an insight of the 1920s and showed how political immorality allowed lawbreakers to flourish. Edward Behr opened the article by mentioning that prohibition would transform “the country’s morals, alter American attitudes toward law enforcers, politicians, and all those in authority”. Here Behr talks about who would be affected by the era of Prohibition and how Prohibition will affect the future of our nation. Within this article Behr also mentioned two successful individuals during the Prohibition Era and they were Al Capone and George Remus. They both became extremely successful for doing something that was extremely illegal. The 1920s was an era that prospered due to the modern mass-production. A Ford Model T in every driveway enhanced the idea of transportation. A sense of Fashion streamed mainly amongst flappers due to the fact that they were lasting images of the youth in the roaring 1920s. The 1920s was a time for fun and adventure – drinking illegally in speakeasies and cruising down the streets with the newest car. These all factored into helping make the 1920s a great time to be