The American Dream Revisted 3 Essay

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In America we have this saying called the “American dream”. Were we have this perception that are lives are suppose to be perfect. were we need the perfect house with the white picket fence. the nice big red shiny car thats needs to get detailed every week. the American dream is also consist of greed for marticalistic things and the need for lots and lots of many and also having the perfect marriage. in The Great Gatsby there where so many symbols portraying the american dreams or what the american dream is to look like when see Gatsby as the main one who has it all the money were is own his own business which lots of people in american do they own there own business this is how they make there income and most Americans who do own there own business uauaslly or should i say typically make lots of money and from this money americans get obsessed with buying lots of nice things like shiny new cars, and huge houses that has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathroom and huge pool and kitchen. instead of the cache of the white picket fence its called gated communities. by having so much money and living of the american dream Gatsby wanted more settling for what he had wasn't enough he need more money he became greedy. he also wanted love which is a big thing in the so called dream he needed someone to share this dream with he had it all but this so he became obsessive with getting all the american dream consisted f. today in society we will do any and everything to make ourselves happy and that what Gatsby sett out to do. in todays society we want its all everything and we will go by any means necessary to get it done where greedy selfish heartless to others peoples emotions to get to live out the american dream just like Gatsby was. in the story it talks about this green light that Gatsby always look to which symbolizes are dream and desires to have this perfect life and americans see this same light getting brighter and brighter the question is does it ever fully shine due to the greed and the selfishness thats comes with wanting the “American dream” or like in the story young goodman brown were we can discibe the American identity there are faith in believing in god see in todays world religion plays and huge role on how we live are life day to day were