The American Dresm Essay

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he American Dream is a personal thing. Every person’s ideas on what the American Dream can be, is very different than anybody else’s. However, there is one noticeable common thread between every conceivable dream: the dream is to live a better life socially, economically, or contentedly than your parents did. The conflicts at the time helps determine what aspect of life you wish to improve upon, but it will always be the same general idea as long as America exists. Dr. Martin Luther King lived in a time of racial segregation. He grew up with people scorning him simply because of the color of his skin. When he began a family of his own, he had the dream that life should be better than he had it. He marched in protests and gave speeches, speaking his dream to everyone who would listen. His most famous speech was the “ I Have a Dream Speech ”. This speech spoke of his dream that all men were equal whether they were white, or black, or any other color of skin. That was his American Dream. He also spoke of having a better life for his children than he had growing up. Before Dr. King, people of all nations immigrated to this country to have a better life. They wanted to have a better life than their parents had. They had either grown up in poverty or worse. When they moved to America, they had dreams of opportunity and wealth to support their families. Many families found these opportunities and succeeded in their American Dream. Their lives were richer and happier than generations before them. Others did not reach their goals, but still held tight to their American Dream and were glad they were able to live in the land of opportunity. Today,