The American Revolution Essay

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i. What is the nature oi the American Revolution? Radial? Conservative? Neither?
A Revolution is characterized lay Many factors contribue to the title of the rewlution: religion. economy, social life, and political life.
2. According to Robert Cross, “The men of 1775 had not gone (0 war [0 promote change bl! l0 Slop ll. Mosl would have preferred [.0 lgnom events in dlslam London—lo pay loyalty to their klng whlle going abou lhelr own squabbling business. But the outside world would not leave them alone. were forced to act it they wished to retain their traditional llfe. Indeed, they did. They rose in fury against the assault on their autonomy. and at the peak of the Revolutionary mowment they vtere attached more strongly then ever to the ideals and values of the pa5t. They would restore order to their lives by clinging to custom—anti making revolution." This quote appears near the end oi the Gross book What (1025 Cross mean In the above quotation.
Cross means 1n the quotatiomhal the men did not necessarily want [0 completely wipe away British auhorlly- in the beginning- they only wished l0 procecl the rights they already had.
What does [his statement by Cross suggesl about the nature of the American Revolution?
The early nature of the nevolulion was wry conservative. Brilain didn‘t pay much auenlion [0 the colonists, In fact they had adopted a policy oi Salulory Neglect. Britain left them alone as long as they exported raw materials and imported finished goods a process known as nmaltilism
However. after the French and Indian war, Britain had racked Up a large debt pmlecllng their American colonies and Lherefom neededa way to pay ll off; their soluion: taxes.
Sugar Act I764 Parliament passed the Sugar Act. lowered the dtly on foreign produced molasses in hopes to reduce smuggling. Required confusing forms, one error could mean seizure of cargo. Restriction on trade and restriction of justice. Under gcorge grenville, navy enforced acts, raised substarlial income for british. First sign of Britain to increase control over colonial trade. Heavily affected mass. ny. and pa because of heavy trade activity. Never had mganized opposition.
Stamp Act First direct British tax on American colonists. lnstituted in 1765. Every newspaper, pamphlet, and other public and legal tltxuu'tcnt had to have a Stamp, or British seal. on iL The colonists didn‘t think they should have to pay for something they had been doing for free for many years. and they responded in force. with demonstrations and even with a diplomatic body called the Stamp Act Congress,