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Chris Scott
History 1
The American Revolution In the mid to late seventeen hundreds, our nation underwent The American Revolution War. It was the American Colonists against Britain’s Army, also known as the redcoats. In 1763 was only the start of the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Many events occurred along the way before the War was completely intact in 1775. Some believe that the colonies should separate from Great Britain, while others argue about breaking with Great Britain. There was a great friction between Britain and the colonies. Britain was angered by the colonists getting away scott free of everything going on in the Seven Wars. While Britain was in the war, the colony’s had no Army to help fight, and still depended on Britain for food and other needs. Britain was treating all the colonies like slaves (). Britain was falling deeper into debt, so something needed to be done about it. The Sugar Act was now in progress in the colonies. In 1764, Parliament passed the Sugar Act which raised taxes on sugar to help pay for Britain’s Military expanses. The Sugar Act did not reach its goal to help with the financial situation; it hardly helped Britain out at all. In 1765, they introduced the Stamp Act, which raised the taxes on newspapers, custom documents, various licenses, college diplomas, playing cards, and more (). The same rules applied with this as did the Sugar Act. If you violated the law you would face prosecution in courts without jury’s (). The colonists were very upset, they would protest against the Acts. In October of that year, nine colonial members met in New York and had a remarkable session (). They had a great start to the end of the Stamp Act, which was revoked early that next year. After the Stamp Act was finished, it then was replaced by the Declaratory Act, which affirmed parliamentary power to legislate for the colonies “in cases what so ever.” (). As each act was revoked, Britain would continue with more and more Acts to maintain an income from the colonies. The next Act to undergo was the Quartering Act. The Taxation was becoming crazy in the colonies. In 1770, The Famous Boston Massacre happened. British soldiers fired out 5 shots into a crowd of innocent colonists. The British was upset because one of the soldiers got hit in the head with a block of ice, then the massacre was unleashed (). The Tea Act of 1773 ignited a third crisis. The Act eliminated all the remaining import duties of tea entering England which lowered the prices to consumers. When the first ship arrived in 1773 popular leaders requested a special clearance for the departure. On December 16th fifty young men disguised themselves as Native Americans and armed themselves with tomahawks. They then dumped the forty-five tons of tea into the water. The event of that night