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The Amish
Kimberly Humbird
ANT 101
Anthony Jerry
February 18, 2013

The Amish In American culture has change over the years from the pilgrimage era to a culture depending on electronics. There is one culture in America that still continues the old ways, which is the Amish culture. Amish still continue the ways of growing your own food, make your own clothes, and building things that you need. The Amish primary mode of subsistence is through horticulture, the father would till the land then later plant several crops annually depending on the season. "The Amish also tend to their gardens and feed themselves. They raise cows for milk and meat, chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, pigs for ham, pork and sausage, orchards for fruit, huge vegetable gardens for the family, and they farm, or do woodworking, mostly, for cash. (Guerrero, 2012). The Amish can live without needing to depend on other to make things for them, they are able to do for themselves. Build things from wood that they need and also to sell to make money. The Amish have a different belief and value that are unwritten called the Ordnung translated meaning the order. "Amish faith and life is governed by a (largely unwritten) set of rules known as the Ordnung (order). (Wise, 2002.) They do not have a central govern, they depend on the Ordnung to set the rules they follow. The Amish are to live simple lives devoted to God and live without electricity, automobiles, television, clothing fashions. These things are consider a distraction that represents dishonesty and undesirable traits that can take away from their belief for their God. The women are expected to marry also tend to the home, children, and gardening. They have many children and are to submit to their husband's will. The men are consider head of the household so they run the household finances, religious and societal matters. The entire family works and labors on farms. They are strict on their gender roles and by crossing them is denying the culture and faith. "Amish are very strict with their delineations of their gender roles. Crossing over is considered to be a denial of the culture and faith in which they have been indoctrinated their…