The Angels To Veterans

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The Angels to Veterans
Kelly S. Crow
Colorado Christian University

Angels to Veterans
Matthew 7:12 states, “Do for others what you would like them to do for you. This is a summary of all that is taught in the law and the prophets,” (NLT)
Have you ever dreamed of a place that you could go to where people were willing to help you, pray for you, and love you, where you will be accepted as you are? Have you served your country but feel like there is nowhere to turn? Do you feel that although your time of service ended years ago that that little hidden injury has finally surfaced and you have nowhere to turn?
My family has served this country all the way back to the Civil War and I am sure in many other battles for their country. I have seen my grandfather, father, and brother go through changes that I wish there was a place that could help them, and some of these changes are what we call today PTSD. I belong to the American Legion and hear the stories of what some of these men and woman, and their families have had to endure. I want to make a place for them to be safe and to find all that they need to start the healing process and although it may not be the outcome that I wish for them, it will be a chance to make a difference.
The problem that our country faces is that there is no place where veterans can go to live and be able to assimilate back into society, with their families, with everyday living. At this time there are places for homeless veterans, for alcohol and drugs, for medical, to find help with millions of resources, to help find jobs, and temporary places to live, but there is not one place for a veteran to go to where they can live and learn to be assimilated back into society and not back to the streets or worse off dead. Veterans that serve our country not only have physical problems but they also have hidden problems and these problems are not always transparent when their time of service is over. The Angels of Veterans will be available to them not only when their time of service is over but for when they may need it, whether it be five minutes or five years after service, when their time for the need of an angel to help them heal from physical or hidden wounds, we will be here with open arms and a listening ear and a pet or two.
The Angels of Veterans Vision Statement
Our ultimate goal is to assist Veterans that come home from service to find rehabilitation to fully interact with the community, families and world around them. To help them heal not only their physical wounds but the hidden wounds as well.
The Angels of Veterans Mission Statement
This mission of Angels of Veterans is to help the men and woman of our country, that have served our country, transition from their service time back into their communities, families, and every day living, through mind, body, and spirit, with the guidance of God and animals to help them heal not only physically but also with their hidden injuries.
The Angles of Veterans Core Values Relentlessness – Always inspire yourself, your co-workers, and your teams to a higher state of performance, quality, completeness and faith. Respect – Be professional with every interaction with everyone you come in contact with. Treat them with the utmost respect, honesty, directness and follow through. Extraordinary Teamwork – Every person has a role on the team. Communicate with and count on everyone to play their part flawlessly as you would expect them to count on you. When they don’t (we are all human), coach and encourage, rather than criticize and lambast. Accountability – Deliver on your commitments, be transparent about progress and outcomes, and be equally willing to reap the rewards or pay the consequences of your performance. Open and Honest Communication – Speak your mind and demand the same from all others you work with. Insist that bad news travels faster than good news. Listen Well, Act Quickly –