The application of inflatable installation Art in public space Essay

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As a kind of special art form ,Inflatable Installation Art plays an unique role in public spaces. Facing complicated city problems and various kinds of public space,inflatable installation gives its special solutions. As an implant object,inflatable installation sometimes seems incompatible with nearby surroundings .However,its existence allows people getting rid of the inertia of surroundings and taking a new look at our daily life and public spaces around us.Its special existing way and materials brings vitality to the tough city space.The mobility inflatable installation shuttles back and forth at the corners of the city and assembling people to the vacuum zone ,foiling atmosphere for the city`s festivals and making its greatest effort to help people realize and utilize public space and reinforces the connection between people and space .

Inflatable Installation Art, Public Space , Activate The Space

Before the speech
Pneumatic type installation art as a special kind of art form, since always inspire me a great deal of research interest.Aeration device can accomplish amazing how the massive size, but also have to interact with people a lot of fun, and even can give people the experience of a variety of internal space.Aeration device has the characteristics of easy installation and transportation, the flexibility to every corner in the city.We live in a city there are some public space due to improper planning or other problems and the lack of an exhilarating experience of space.In the face of such situation, artists use type pneumatic device adjust measures to local conditions to activate space, attract the crowds, make the space becomes alive.
In this paper, by studying the inflatable type of installation art in different space use cases, concrete analysis means of its active space, and summed up type aeration device has the characteristics of art and the role of in the public space.Hope that through study, type of aeration device art technique and the technical characteristics have a further understanding and understanding the role of public art in city space.

Paper presents the application of art in public space inflatable type plant
1. The inflatable type of installation art
1.1 type pneumatic device the concept of art
Inflatable type installation art is the use of polyethylene, Oxford cloth and other inflatable material creation and use of oxygen, hydrogen, helium and nitrogen gas equipment such as pump for filling or extracting gas form of art.Although the inflatable material has some shortcomings, so that most is temporary work.But the inflatable material has generally tough material does not have the texture and elasticity, transportation advantages of the maneuverability is strong, light, artists are often used in the artistic creation and flexibility in the different space of city.

1.1.2 type pneumatic device history and development of art
Inflatable material was originally is not used in art, as early as in thousands of years ago, in ancient times blowing in the human will to animal bladder and made can float on the water floats.In the long history of human civilization, people never stop exploring on the manipulation of air.People use balloons made from hot air balloon, airship, inflatable boats, inflatable structures, inflatable furniture, etc.The characteristics of filling material have also started to attract the attention of the artist.Philadelphia 1968 air show celebration shows all kinds of inflatable works, including Andy Warhol and engineers in 1966 Billy Kluver design works of inflatable "silver clouds".Display, for the first time in the work of these balloons were released to the Manhattan in the sky.This work exhibition in Hong Kong when I had the opportunity to interact and work at the scene.Attracted a lot of adults and children interact.Works like clouds light, just one with a lift at the bottom of the work, work and uncontrolled toward the