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Arab Spring
The Arab Spring is Not Over
Al Jazeera America
February 14, 2014

Jimmy Carter writes about the effect and results of his organization, the Carter Center, in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.The Carter Center had been invited to witness the countries’ transition into democracy. So far Egypt has had the hardest time transitioning. The parliamentary elections had went well in 2012, but the elected president has been nullified. The de facto military rule has been stabilizing Egypt during these hard times. A new constitution is in processing in Tunisia and is going well. The Carter Center is optimistic for Tunisia because there has been minimal military and foreign interference. Libya is still on the fence. They are having elections this month on people to draft a new constitution. But Libya’s interim government is weak and will most likely not last to the end of the year like it needs to. There is no absolute location because this is occurring in the whole countries, not one or two specific cities. I believe that since these countries are making an effort to reach out and get outside help, they are taking a big step in the right direction. Having the Carter Center oversee the process to democracy will ensure that they are doing this right. America has succeeded in democracy for a really long time, so who better to help other countries into democracy than a former president? I think that Egypt needs to decide on a new president that won’t put religion into his or…