The Art Of Art

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Similar to the way our society is today, the 20th century art culture had started to break away from the norm with abstractive works that caught the eye of many viewers. Known for their bizarre appearances and seemingly pointless marks of color, abstract art has transformed into an art that has hidden meanings and triggers several emotions. While they may seem to represent a certain object, the artist tends to have different intentions behind their brush strokes. With this in mind, art was transformed into a more expressive movement and has permanently changed to this day with some of the most outlandish pieces of art. Kasimir Malevich is known taking a leap of faith with his “Black Square” painting he completed in 1915. From a simple, straight-forward view this piece corresponds with its title as a perfectly squared geometric shape filled in with a deep black paint. However this art piece started a movement called Suprematism, implying the supremacy of this new art in relation to the past art. When painting this series of “non-objective” pieces, he saw it as purely for the pleasure of painting the free form of a shape without the pressure of any political and social meanings. Getting the reactions he knew he would from critics, he tried to spark some emotions with his art by using shapes as simple as a black square; he wanted people to take time to explore the square and their feelings. With this clever movement, the following years were filled with several similar pieces of art triggering a never ending change in the art world. The next prominent piece of abstract art that sparked lots of attention was Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie-Woogie”. The painting is a mix of yellow, red, blue and gray squares on a white background, assorted in lines almost in a chaotic form; however, this was the intention of Mondrian. When he moved to New York, he created this piece inspired by the world around him simulating the city grids of Manhattan taxis and the “boogie woogie” music which he loved to dance to. When knowing his intentions, you can almost picture the colored squares moving around while swing music playing in the background. The vibrant colors could represent the loud noises of a trumpet or even the horns from traffic, the rest is left to viewer’s imagination. Abstract art was a whole new world where people could start to interact with the actual paintings even if