The Asian Stunt Master Essay

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The Asian Stunt master by Kevin Houseman There is a woman named Eren, who stares to the outlying right. She is trying to find her unwise husband, Jude, to make sure he isn’t doing anything extremely treacherous. Jude works as a proficient stunt master while Eren just stays home and recites magazines. She starts to wonder what her husband is doing, because she is curious. Eren franticly spies in different directions out of inquisitiveness. All of a sudden there are a few small crack sounds as the room grows dim, because Jude swings from a fluctuating chandelier. The before phase is loud but the latter is inaudible, as he swings annoyingly left and right above Eren without her even noticing. Shortly after the small light failure she detects the moving object as it sways back and forth, but what is it? She had remembered just as she always does of his weekly routine, either something life threatening or involving hefty amounts of damage. Of course he had been doing this for quite some time now, because his job required it, so she ignored him and carried on with her book while looking up every so often in case something happened to him. Swinging on a bulky chandelier, Jude, who is enjoying himself, broke some elaborate lights. Eren, who isn’t reading her book anymore, looked to the left and then to the right to the rhythm of the chandelier wondering when it might stop. She is calm and composed unlike any typical wife, because he has done things far worse than that in the…