The Aspects Of Being A Senior Year In High School

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Looking at where I am now in my high school career is mind blowing. The years have gone by faster and faster, to think I am already a junior in high school. I can not believe next year is senior year then after that I am going to be off to college. When I look back at the first half of my junior year I can honestly say I am disappointed with myself. At this point in the year I am dissatisfied with my how my grades were. The lack of time and quality I put into my school work was disappointing as well. I know I can do better than what I have produced this past semester because I have done much better under worse circumstances.
During the first semester getting things done on time was not a priority of mine. Instead I would just hold things off to the last minute to the point where I was either doing my work the night before an assignment was due or worse scrambling to get it done the day it was due. At first I tried to put the blame on the path that I had chosen. I chose to take a challenging path with honors classes, Spanish III and one advanced placement class. With that I also took an elective during my only free period leaving no time for study hall except for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I then realized it is my responsibility to own my education and I can not make any excuses for why I did not work to my potential. Words from the wise Mr. Hayes: Excuses are like a**holes everyone has one. In this I am owning my mistakes no excuses.
Those responsibilities consists of: going for extra help when I do not under stand something, not putting my homework, projects, or studying off to the last minute, take better notes, and ask questions. In doing these things I will understand how to do the work and I will do much better on tests. Also it will eliminate the stress that comes with waiting until the last minute, and the quality of my work will be much better when I give my self time to do it. Using my time wisely in school during study hall or a class period that I am permitted to work on things for that class will eliminate the amount of work I have to do outside of school. This will make my life easier because I played volleyball during the fall and I am currently playing basketball which takes up a lot of time outside of school. I then work on the weekends so it is my responsibility that from here on out I use my time wisely. These are outside challenges that affect my success in school, which is why it is very important that I utilize my time given in school to get as much done as possible. I am also 17 years old and in high school so I obviously want to go out with my friends and enjoy life, but school comes first. These negatives that affect my success in school in be turned in positives. For example I can hang out with friends who have the same classes as me and we can do our work together, and then hang out. Also we could study and quiz one another.
I am the vice president of the class of 2014 and I am on student council, I am very involved with school and activities such as home coming and spirit week. Student council is in charge of both of those events which are probably the biggest events we do here a RHS. It is a time where our classes come together and promote school spirit. It challenges everyone to figure how to get along and work together, and support one another. I feel this how I make a difference in RHS society and I will continue to do be involved.
My goals for second semester is to do my homework and not blow it off, in doing this I will get better grades. Which brings me to my next goal and that is to make the honor roll for 3rd and 4th quarter. I am going to study hard. My mom for the whole first semester was “in my face” about my grades, and constantly told me how worried she was about them. She also told me that I