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It is the dreams of some children that they always want to take after their parents and continue where they left off in life. An AP US History Text book stated that in 2044, Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia, had taken presidential office under her promise of obtaining world peace. President Malia Obama has seen it imperative that she build the anatomy to initiate a world alliance. Two years after her presidency, she had passed a bill through Congress for the ratification of the World Powers Act. This was what had set up an alliance with all the nations in the world. This was easily accepted by Congress because they believe that America has undergone many platitudes in the economic, political, and foreign relationships that they had with other nations. After this, President Malia had influenced the president of Russia, Ian Breemer, to have Russia join the World Powers. A big event had taken place in New York called the World Conference of 2046 that President Malia had set up. Annually, this meeting would be held so that all nations in the world join together and make decisions on how they unify. Asia had agreed to pay its workers a higher salary and to get rid of their eugenic policy of making parents only be able to own one child per family. North Korea would stop making bombs and use it to make military equipment. Germany shared their revenue with Asia and Europe. President Malia had made the De-Demarcation promise which had all the nations get rid of their boundary lines so that they could be treated as a whole entire world power. Spiritual beliefs were considered the enemy of the world; especially people have believed in the separation of church and state but the president still had to swear in by a bible and the dollar bill so say “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Government had burned down churches in America and had either terminated or annihilated all congregations. So as a result, people couldn’t be married. There once was a man named Shirley Moores who got fired from his job because of his conduct and blamed it on the government. The government had taken a deadly response to this and euthenized him in his sleep. Abnormal things like this have occurred all over the world. This recurrence is called the Absence Phenomenon and people were unaware of how all these people were dying so quickly. Some people thought that some aberrant life forms had come to earth and took these people to space. Even though there was astrological observations that said that there was life on other planets, these people had nothing to believe and no one else to blame. Some other people, who took enough time to be logical, had said that it would’ve been some governmental conspiracy. Shawn had woken up at the sound of his alarm clock to wake up on a nice breezy Sunday morning, to play videogames and relax due from a long night of work. He lazy leisure rest was disrupted by a noise that hung over his head coming from his window. He opened it and saw a group of people talking as they were entering a church a block away from his house. Shawn had saw this and worried for the parish as he thought “What are these fools doing? Don’t they know that they can be killed?” Shawn had let his worry alleviate as he went back on to play his videogames for two hours until he heard a vibrating sound tapping at the window. “BA- BA- BA- BA- BA- BA- BA” Shawn had looked outside the window and saw files of these men dressed in black suits had entered the church with guns and a ranks of these sharply dressed men opening fire on the people inside the church. Shawn was thinking devastatingly “What? No, they can’t do this? These government people are monsters dispatched from hell. Who will put them in their place if the very people who run this country won’t? Oh! I forgot they did this for the peace”. He has remembered what was said in his giant AP US History textbook. Michael was a part of his own church that was more secretive then the church