The Assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Julius Caesar Essay

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“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names” (Kennedy). Lee Harvey Oswald was the one who assassinated John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He was born just 2 months after his fathers death. In 1956, Lee dropped out of highschool to join the Marines and he was an excellent sharpshooter but after a little while he started to express some pro-Soviet views and left the Marines in 1959. Just 9 days later after he left the Marines, he left the U.S and went to the Soviet Union to try to become a citizen but was unsuccessful. In January of 1963, Lee purchased a .38 revolver, and a rifle and telescopic sight through the mail in March. During April, Oswald shot at, but missed, Edwin Walker, a former army general (Britannica Biographies). Some say that Kennedy was one of the most influential presidents in the 20th century, and others say that he was reckless. One example of his recklessness would be during the Cuban Missile Crisis when the team he sent into cuba were captured and killed. The majority of the public opinion also feared that the pope would greatly influence his decision making because he was a Roman Catholic but after he was elected, the public overcame that fear because of his energy and charisma (Profiles of U.S. Presidents). Some differences between the 2 assassinations would include that Lee Harvey Oswald had a history of trying to assassinate certain people but Marcus Brutus was actually a friend a Caesars’. Another difference in the assassinations of the leaders would be that the assassination of Julius Caesar was caused by a conspiracy of about 60 roman senators who were also known as Liberators. The aftermath of Caesars’ assassinations was pretty much the downfall and eventually the end of the Roman Republic because his enemies tried to take over the throne, which became mass chaos after his death, when in all actuality Caesar made his grandnephew