The Athenian Golden Age

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The Athenian Golden Age was one of the best things that happened in Athens. In this period Athens had great strong and was ruling many people. Everything was very organized and a period of great prosperity. Athens had organized spartan and other cities together and was the center of them. One circumstance that led to the end of the Athenian Golden Age was a problem (Pecorino, 2000).

The problem was that the reason that Athens organized together all these cities was to win the war with the Persians, and this was done and finished. Athens continued to lead these cities and this fact was not pleasant for the other cities. So, they started being angry and they were attacking to Athens because they believed that they were not treated in a right way. This was the beginning of the end of the Athenian Golden Age. Everything changed from that moment and Athens started losing its power and its strategy. Although its philosophic style helped it win the Persians, Athens should be more focused and use more its knowledge in order to keep the other cities more relaxed and friendly (Pecorino, 2000).
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The Athenian Golden Age comes at the top of the history of Athens and helped the city gain its lost power again, because with all these wars almost everything had changed. But, with the Athenian Golden Age everything came back in a better way. Athenians liked that power and wanted even more. These moves, without knowing when to stop, destroyed Athens