The Athletic Hall of Fame Essay

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Marcus Jenkins
Reflection Paper #2

In high school I was a part of the high school varsity football team. I played two years, my junior and senior year. We were called the Withrow tigers. We had members on the team from every grade in high school. Even freshmen but they were just the quarterbacks. We practiced every day during the school year and over the summer we had two a days which was like practice two times a day. There were about 75 people on the team. There were 4 senior captains and I was one of them. There were two sides to my high school, Withrow International and Withrow University. Some of the football team went to one side while the other half went to the other side. So for some of the players the only time you would really see them would be at football practice. We were an action team. Everything we did and practiced for was so we could perform well in challenging and difficult situations. Like all sports teams, it takes time to build chemistry. My junior year the team was terrible, we had no chemistry, the coaching was not that good and it seemed like no one was committed to winning. My senior year we had got out old coach back and then things changed. Everyone respected him for the great coach he was and we decided to step it up. When we practiced over the summer, putting things together didn’t go as smooth. At that time we were facing surface-level diversity. We needed to build chemistry with each other and learn to trust and hold each one of us accountable for doing our jobs on the field. Learning all the plays, formations, and going out there to execute them sometimes weren’t all good. Over time we started to get better because we found our weaknesses and worked on them so we can go compete at the top of our game every Friday. As time went on we started to have more cohesion with us. We felt as we got better, we were more motivated to beat any opponent we faced. During our first game we had a lot of cohesion between each other because we wanted to prove that we were way better than we were the year before. We all felt that the team was a top priority on our lives and we were going to give it our best effort every week. When we won we felt on top of the world and our bond became stronger. We had 4 captains on the team and we were all seniors. Our coached picked us because we were the ones who performed the best on the field and he knew we had what it takes to lead and motivate this team so they can be pumped up for every game. We had vision-influence. During the game, at practice, we motivated other teammates to work hard and perform well. We didn’t accept anyone joking around too much during either while we were trying to get down to business. In practice, we were the ones who set the tone for how we were going to play and that was to play hard and at the top of our game and we weren’t going to accept anything less from anyone else on the team. We were all charismatic and before each game we made sure every other team could hear our roar. We had an initiative structure type of leadership. We set our goals which were to win every week and set a tone on how we were going to practice and play and we expected it to be followed by everyone. On our team we had every type of transformational leadership. For inspirational motivation, we spoke to the team and told them we are winners and we can beat anyone we face. We inspired the team to play hard every week and to give it their all. For intellectual stimulation, when we were working with other and younger players that played our position, we showed them things on how to improve the way they play and gave them good advice on how to improve their game. The players really listened and they applied it to their games. Also for individualized consideration, we influenced the younger players to play up to the level we expect from them because we know one day they will be in our