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The Atlantic System and It’s Consequences

pg. 520 photo: why would this be an “advertising” campaign?
-social gathering
-all men
-primary colors, warm feel to it
-light through the window
-all have the same appearance

pg. 79 in packet:
-alcohol is bad for you
-fogs mind
-impaired judgement

pg. 80 in packet:
-coffee makes you friendlier
-women prefer male coffee drinkers to male liquor drinkers because it makes men stronger in bed (better sex)

pg. 81 in packet:
-no swearing
-no fighting
-be respectful/civil to government and politics
-no gambling
-pay your bills
-if you can pay and behave, you are welcome anytime.

Web/triangular trade (Atlantic system):
-Americas, Europe & African continents
-huge scale operations
-reliant on slave labor

-Peter Fennell -son of Hugeanot -settles in New Rochelle -uncle Andrew becomes powerhouse entrepeneur in boston -adopts Peter and one of his brothers -Peter is apprentice to Andrew and then takes over when he dies -rum, fish, produce -shipbuilding -shipped slaves to West Indies, molasses and -mercantilism is shown
-coffee drinking was a commodity in 18th c.
-agricultural rev. fuels consumer rev. -buying power -purchase of books (the novel), go to concerts
-balance of power amongst nations -equilibrium

Atlantic System:
-in place by 1700s -we know this by the # of people dragged into slave trade
-muskets for w. africans
-africans for plantations
-coffee sugar, coffee, tobacco, sent to europe for finishing trade and exportation
-trade controlled by catholic church & portugal in 16 & 17 c.
-state supported trade
-w. african coastline -before 1675 greatest # of people sent to brazil -after, more sent to caribbean and n. america
-actual # of africans sent to new world: 11 million 1.5 million died on the way -skeptical about this number -no documentation -profitable business -mutinies, slave uprisings
-rumored most wanted males 14-35 years of age

-traumatic truths of slave trade? -clausterphobia -uncertainty -family? will you ever see them again? -language barriers -conditions -lack of “home” comfort (religion, food, clothes, place in community, etc)

-agricultural labor by and large run by women -why men over women?
-after 1619, reproduction produces more slaves than importation
-slave trade would end 1808 -1830/1860 numbers doubled from 2 mill to 4 mill -women WERE beneficial in slave trade
-father’s status irrelevant; if mother was a slave, child was a slave and visa versa (inversion of west)

Central Paradox of Slavery
(cannot not render a human being a thing)
David Barion Davis

subject coerced into system will function as chattel skills ignored/denied family life profit/threat (=family tie)

-How could you justify the system? (slavery justified) -**self-interest** (making so much $$ this has to be okay) -dehumanizing the slaves (not the same as we are, not the same qualities, intelligence, etc.) -supported by religion (Israelites enslaved at some point, throughout bible) -always someone else on top (hierarchy)

-overall supply & demand will increase by ALL (elite and nonelite)

Source 1-4:
-not an effective method
-birds eat seeds, wind blows seeds away
-people struggle everyday to find something to eat
-bad weather can ruin everything you plant...
-England and lower countries do best, Spain, France, Italy & Russia not too well.
-when the price of wheat was high, many deaths
-population decline -late marriages? -lapse in reproductivity in regards to nutrition
-diet was not sustainable (no protein)
-no windows, close quarters, no “floor” as we know it

Sources 5-8:
-no windows
-basic kitchen, small cooking area
-very minimal
-no chimney
-discolored wall
-stump used for chopping
-troth used for chickens
-floor=just earth
-breaks in data could have been a bad