The Atomic Bomb Essay

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The atomic bomb. Some call it a nuke, or an atom bomb. Well its all the same earth corrupting, mind blowing explosion. Now you may be asking yourself “well what does this have to do with Canada?” , well just read on you anxious young person! It all started in 1939 on August 2nd, just before the beginning of WW1 when Albert Einstein wrote to the president of the USA (President Roosevelt) to tell him to preserve Uranium -235 (The main ingredient in a atomic bomb) to make an atomic bomb for the war. After all the fussing the atomic took almost 6 years to make usable. The first atomic bomb used was named “little boy” (See Figure 1). They used the little boy at Hiroshima. Now uranium-235 being the main ingredient in a atomic bomb. The Americans were going to need quite a bit of it to make one. Well just guess who happened to have the largest supply of it? ... Canada, of course! Canada actually at first wanted no part in making the atomic bomb until the kind of prices the Americans were throwing at them they just could not resist. Atomic bombs have ended many wars and have almost started many. After all it was what ended Hitler’s chaos in the WW2. Some might say it is a bad thing that people made such a thing, but how would we have done things such as win the WW. Even today they are still making the atomic bombs even more advanced (See figure 2) by making it possible to shoot or fire a atomic bomb from a safe distance and have it be pin point where they wanted it land.