The Atomic Bomb Argumentative Essay

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When a neighbor hits your house with a big rock, what would you do? Would you pick up the rock and throw it at their house, try to compromise reasonably and have him pay for the damages, or forget that the incident ever happened? This was the scenario that the United States had to deal with against Japan during World War II. The Japanese bombed the United States’ only Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the United States had to make a decision. They decided to pick up that rock and throw it back, but causing more damage. On the same day of Japan dropping the bomb, the United States declares war on Japan and decides to drop bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki years later. The selfish action of the United States …show more content…
The dropping of the nuclear bombs was seen as a sign from the United States to be the dominate figure in the post-war era. So many countries like the Soviet Union and Britain tried to create these bombs to match the United States’ capabilities. The compatibility of nuclear weapons lead to the Cold War, which became a frightening time around the globe. It could have been any moment that the world could have been flattened by nuclear bombs and still can be today. If the bombs were not dropped, there could have been the possibility that no one would ever invent another weapon of mass destruction similar to the ones dropped on Japan and the fear of nuclear annihilation would be gone. One of the main reasons the United States dropped the bombs on Japan was to get revenge back for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The United States did get their revenge back, but not in a way that was proportionately fair. The bombing of Pearl Harbor killed ___ people and the bombs dropped on Japan killed ___ people. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was not even directed towards people, it was directed towards destroying the United States’ only Pacific fleet. The bombs dropped on Japan however were used to destroy manufacturing cities, there was also an intention to kill innocent Japanese people in the