The Atomic Theory

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Mohammed Kabir
Period 3October 8, 2014
The Atomic Theory
If I had to give out Nobel Prize to three of the scientists from my research, I would have to make a pretty tough choice. Should I choose who made the biggest discovery? Or should I choose the person who began the idea? My choices were Niels Bohr, John Dalton, and James Chadwick.
I chose Niels Bohr because the Bohr model is widely used today. Bohr discovered that the nucleus contains the protons and the electrons orbit around the nucleus. This is also compared to the planets orbiting around the sun. Bohr’s discovery was very important. He was the first to discover that electrons ravel in separate orbits. He also found out that the number of electrons in the outer orbit determines the properties of an element. Bohr’s contribution is very important and his model is used still today with modifications. Niels Bohr definitely deserves a Nobel Prize.
Second, I would give the Nobel Prize to John Dalton. John Dalton had many theories which were true. He said that all matter is made up of atoms. He also said that if two or more different elements combined they would form a compound. He also said that atoms of a given element are identical in mass and properties. Dalton’s many theories show that he deserves a Nobel Prize in my opinion.
Finally I would give the Nobel Prize to James Chadwick. He picked up on Curie’s evidence to create his own theory. He was able to give a reason for why the particles would beam with high