The Attract of "The Shawshank Redemption" Essay

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Name: Minh Tran
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Date: 9 September 2013
The Attract of "The Shawshank Redemption"
"The Shawshank Redemption" is one of Stephen King's greatest stories turned into a perfect film entertains the audience. Andy is a protagonist of the film who was sent to the prison. By using the detention, the author show the audience how people can live and exist in a condition without freedom. One of the most surprise in the film is the way Andy's escaping with a long period of planning. The film is also give audience more emotion when it tells audience about Brook, an old man who has been in jail for many years, the he's done his judgment and went out regular life, he felt so tire with what is happing and chose to end up his life. Therefore, detention, surprise and emotion of sadness are three best ways of the author used to entertain the audience and keep they feel interest through the whole movie.
Detention is a way to entertain the audience. The film with the played in the jail show up the theme of detention, it talks about how people can live in a condition without freedom. The jail, where people are taken away their rights and they are treated like animal. Andy and all people in the jail was living with injustice, they can be attacked, shamed or even the police can take away their life anytime if they want. The images of police used over their power to bully the prisoners is a fact to reflect the real things are happening in our life. As well, detention is the most important factor that the author used to entertain the viewers.
In the movie, there were many periods of the surprise but the only thing that we never can expect is the way of Andy's escaping from the jail with a long period of planning. The author hid Andy's planning to escape the jail but at the end of the movie he showed the viewers that how Andy can escape from the jail. So surprise when we were seen there was a big holes behind a poster in Andy's room, this hole was made by Andy which is a long time to be done, he used this hole to lead him to the drainage pipes. From here, here used a rock to break the drainage pipes and squeeze through the drainage pipes to come out a canal outside the jail. All the things that Andy does to escape is unbelievable, it is so surprise for people can expect anything. The author was very successes to make people surprise and let they feel interesting with