The Auteur Theory: Stanley Kubrick Essay

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Auteur Theory is based on three premises, the first being technique, the second being personal style, and the third being interior meaning. Furthermore, there is no specific order in which these three aspects must be presented or weighted with regard to a film. An Auteur must give films a distinctive quality thus exerting a personal creative vision and interjecting it into the his or her films. Kubrick made his first film in 1953 and has continued to make films till his death shortly after the film Eyes Wide Shut in 1999. With a film career spanning over four decades, he crafted consistent themes, and honed a highly personalized style which was woven into the films he made. Stanley Kubrick was a very stylistic film maker and paid …show more content…
This movie does support Stanley Kubrick as an Auteur. The Shining is a horror film Kubrick worked on and used music and soundscape to create fear and tension. In one specific scene the sound was used for dramatic affect when Dan was riding his big wheel through the halls and comes upon the twins. Strange noises, strings, panios and percusion as well as a gong are used. Also the ongoing theme is present as well with Jack being a crazy man, yet Kubrick tries to get you to sympathize with him.
As far as technique goes, this movie is not his best; but it is fitting for the movie. The lighting is very good and you can tell that there was great attention payed to this to create the creepy feeling needed for this movie. This movie supports Stanley Kubrick as an Auteur as well. In Eyes Wide Shut the moral conflict is present in Bill as sexual satisfaction. Also the mirroring of this conflict through his wife is present. This is personified in the scene where Nicole Kidman is standing in front of a large mirror naked and Tom Cruise walks up behind her and begins kissing her. Furthermore the music and sounds are typical of Kubrick’s style, and not what one would expect for the movie. The score is good and at time the “less is more” idea is used with notes being plunked one key at a time. On the technical side, the cinematography is visually appealing and very colorful. This movie also supports Stanley Kubrick as an Auteur. Another movie worth mentioning that