The Awakening Soundtrack Essay

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Peter Peng The Awakening Soundtrack Growin’ Up by Bruce Springsteen­
This song greatly relates to Edna in the story. According to the rules of her own society, women were supposed to be the typical mother­woman that answered to her husband and just lived by his needs and wants. However, Edna goes away from this set standard that was put out for her,
Instead of doing what society tells her to do, she searches for her own self and does what she wants to do and not what her husband tells her. This song is a story of how a person does not do what their society tells them to do, but actually even the exact opposite. A search for ones identity is a theme in both this song and the book.
Just A Girl by No Doubt­
In the book and in this song, women are treated like objects. Also, the women are forced to love a man she does not, as the lyrics say: “The world is forcing me to/hold your hand.” Edna is put on Leonce by society while she is in no way in love with him. However, she loves Robert, yet cannot act upon these feelings due to the gender stereotypes her own society has placed on her.
The song shows great disdain for these certain women stereotypes of the modern day.
Silent All These Years by Tori Amos­
This song is a heart­wrenching story of losing your identity to a man, but how your voice remains,
“Cause sometimes/I said sometimes/I hear my voice/And it’s been here/Silent All These
In the story, Edna has lost her identity to Leonce in the early part of the book. In her life, she felt like it had no meaning and she felt nothing. However, her “awakening” occurs when she realizes this and takes action. She did not want to live a life of lies and really finds herself by

leaving Leonce and going out on her own. Even though she dies in the ocean, she no longer lived according to her husband and be defined by him.
For The First Time in Forever by the creators of Frozen­
The song is sung in the movie when the girl character is finally allowed to explore the outside world or goes out and explores it for herself. She finds she